Wednesday, August 15, 2007


A lightweight drama directed and co written by Jean-Pierre Limosin that tells the story of Graham or Pablo a young attractive man that has short-term memory and everything is new to him after a while. The story is told exploring the nuisances of current love/sex behavior that predominates in western culture and the benefits of being involved with someone that has short-term memory.

While some American viewers relate this movie to Memento, I feel that this is more alike to 50 First Dates without the sugary romance and comedy, and with a lot more of sexy scenes.

Acting is nice with Spanish Eduardo Noriega playing Graham/Pablo quite believable and beautiful Anna Mouglalis playing Irène, the girl he meets at work and the one that finds ways to keep him remembering her. Also Paz Vega has a small role as Isabelle, the wife.

Not a masterpiece, but quite entertaining with lead actors having good chemistry. Think this French movie is suitable for audiences that like un-erotic sexy light French films.

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