Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kuch Naa Kaho (Don’t Say A Word or Say Nothing)

Not really knowing what to expect and just expecting to see a very beautiful Aish on the screen, I got the most wonderful ride I never imagined. What a nice movie with Aish glowing in each scene, eye-watering production values and a story that because I am in the mood of light cinema, was outstandingly fun and entertaining to watch.

Beautiful dances, beautiful songs, beautiful costumes, beautiful colors, beautiful scenery, beautiful Aiswarya Rai and well, very handsome Abhishek Bachchan make this movie the most gorgeous romance comedy I have ever seen in Bollywood style. Well, actually is my first one, but now I’ll be looking forward to see more romantic comedies form Bollywood.

The story may be considered by some thin, but is pure cute typical romance, a single guy that does not want to marry meets a girl that does not to want to fall for any guy and of course they fall for each other. I just loved the first two hours and for a moment I wished the movie ended at one point, as unbelievably there was no drama and everything was so nice. But the movie continued with the indispensable drama (love the cheesy music –in western ears- when the drama comes) but at the end everything ends just nice. But not without Aish speech about rules that only apply to Indian women, which of course she delivered in the most eastern dramatic style, fabulous.

The chemistry between Aish and Abhishek was just fantastic in this their second movie and just in case you do not remember, they are now husband and wife in real life.

If you enjoy romantic comedies (the comedy part is very eastern and less western but I laugh many times) then this movie is one not to miss and probably could be a very good choice for your first Bollywood movie, if still I haven’t motivated you to try Bollywood movies.

The movie is almost three hours long but you would hardly notice the time, as the pace of this movie is fast and very entertaining.

I know, I was sort of sugary in this review but the movie is really sweet and nice… ahhh! Lol! Come on, is nice to see movies like this once in a while, as they leave you feeling so joyous. Please notice that I wrote very little about the beauty of Aish but here she’s outstandingly beautiful, believe me.


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