Thursday, August 23, 2007


Today I was in the mood of something very light so I chose a French romantic comedy with Cécile de France and well, the story was really predictable, as it has been told so many times; but the difference here is this wonderful actress that totally steals the movie.

This Ivan Calbérac 2002 film tells the story of a woman reaching thirty and is still single with her parents wondering if there is something wrong, as she’s not married and her wanting to meet the man that she likes and likes her.

De France performance is extremely good as an odd and maybe bitter woman, and makes you totally believe all her clumsiness. She does quite well the physical comedy and makes you laugh when she’s doing it. Besides she looks here like a very tomboyish woman, which is just delightful to see.

What is really enjoyable in this movie is the cinematography with outstandingly beautiful views of Paris and country sites. Marvelous Paris looks here remarkably good, especially if you miss that city as much as I do.

This movie won two awards in international festivals and had a nomination for Best First Work in the 2003 César Awards.

If you’re looking for an European romantic comedy with great performance by a good looking actress, then give it a try, but only if you enjoy French comedies and their particular humor.

P.S. Since it seems Blogger does not allow pictures in comments -bad!- then I'll post the pic here.

Cecile de France

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