Wednesday, August 08, 2007

In Passing…

Quite a surprise as the story is incredibly real, perhaps is the one (and only?) story in this genre that is so close to real life. The story shows in a little more than an hour how two women meet, fall in love, live together, start the silence treatment, one cheats and in the end, they broke up. But their relationship is one of those very important for their lives, as they will love each other always, even if they will never be together again. Like those important past loves you have there, inside of you, forever.

As a movie is not that good, but this is one time that I do not really care as the story totally caught my attention and generated lots of emotions… even if from the beginning it was obvious that they were going to end apart. The acting is below average, but was good enough to not interfere with the story!

Yes, this is a very low budget film filmed in very little time with few takes and all the constrains that independent cinema has. The budget was so low that the scenes with Kate Clinton were from a real benefit to raise money for the film and all the spectators had to pay to get in.

Learning that this is Kate Fitzgerald first feature film, with an all female cast and crew, and that for most of them it was their first time directing, acting, filming and other technical chores in the big screen was not a surprise, as the end product looks exactly like that, the first not so successful try in cinema. But the story and dialogues are soooo good (I think that many of us have said and/or someone said to us many words, sentences and speeches of the dialogues), that I have to give lots of kudos to Kate for writing the script so well and true to real life.

The script feels like a theater script and learning that Kate Fitzgerald wrote it for the theater and had to trim it a lot for the screen, makes me think that she should do the play with the original script as it would be a strong play that can appeal to wider audiences, as the truth is that this script could be played by a man and a woman, two men or two women. Truly is a well-written script that tells a universal story. But, it would be nice if she keeps the two women story, lol!

This is a movie not to miss because of the script, the dialogues and the story, but do not expect anything more and you will perhaps enjoy it as much as I did.

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