Monday, August 13, 2007


I was going to skip this movie as you can say I am a John Waters fan and liked the original Hairspray movie that originated the Broadway musical. But, I couldn’t resist temptation so I gave-up and watch it.

Have to say that once you forget that is John Travolta (you do it fast) and that at first I thought Velma was Lara Flynn Boyle, until I realized that she was a very thin Michelle Pfeiffer (!!), you will enjoy this movie even if you don’t want to, like me.

The movie is like the Broadway musical, actually IS the Broadway musical transferred into the big screen, which is good if you like Broadway musicals. The kids perform well, with the adult roles a little flat as could have been more comical or with more Water’s satirical personalities.

For those that have not seen the original Water’s movie, the Broadway play or this movie, the story is quite witty with plump Edna teaching 1962 Baltimore a thing or two about integration after landing a spot on the Corny Collins show.

The movie looks and feels like a crowd pleaser, pure entertainment, and fun to watch, so time will pass by fast. The box office is quite good with US$92+ million in 4 weeks.

American critics and most viewers are giving this movie thumbs up; but I wonder if the movie will appeal to non-American audiences.

Lastly, it was a lot more entertaining that what I expected, but then, my expectations were very low.

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