Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Interesting movie starring Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling with a story that has been told many times and here is told as a strong moral dilemma that allows to go deep inside the characters that are extremely well developed.

The story is about a meticulously planned crime by Hopkins character and a perfect score prosecutor (Gosling) that slightly distracts himself with his career climbing when accepting a new case that appears to be a sure thing. This is a cat-mouse drama that will keep your attention and is developed at a slow pace –that seems more European cinema than American cinema- and will allow you to pay attention to every detail.

But what is absolutely outstanding about this movie are the performances by Hopkins and Gosling. Pairing these two actors in roles that go one against the other it was casting perfection. Hopkins gives an outstanding performance as the extremely intelligent aeronautics engineer accused of attempted murder of his wife, the performance has tones that recall his famous and excellent Hannibal performance. Gosling goes flawless from being a cocky prosecutor to a troubled, confused and defeated prosecutor, followed by a dogged persistent, morally clean and successful prosecutor.

The most exciting scenes are when both actors are in the screen, the script is well written and their dialogues are not only exquisitely performed but also interesting.

Is not strange to find critics and viewers that did not liked this movie as they find it flat, with no climax, no thrills, no action, no blood, and no many other typical American legal dramas/thriller prerequisites. But, is the lack of all these requisites what makes this movie look and feel like a great European movie with well developed characters and good narrative.

Absolutely not for all audiences, I believe that this movie will appeal to those that enjoy European cinema and/or those that like well-written and performed mature dramas.

Definitively is a movie not to miss if you enjoy extremely well performed roles by great actors.

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