Friday, August 10, 2007

Die Leibwächterin (The Bodyguard)

This 2005 made for TV German movie is quite an attention grabber because very good acting by both leads, Ulike Folkerts that plays Mona and Barbara Rudnik that plays Johanna.

The movie tells the story of Mona being assigned as the bodyguard to European politician Johanna Sieber who has a strong position against European Union subsidies to the tobacco industry and becomes a victim of threats. All is complicated when those trying to kill Johanna contact Mona and blackmail her into giving information and facilitate the assassination of Johanna or otherwise they will kill her teenage son. But Mona and Johanna fall for each other and Mona becomes totally troubled and has a hard time trying to save both her loved Johanna and her loved son.

Not a masterpiece but the very nice acting makes this TV movie easier to watch than the American made for TV movie Trapped! that has a similar plot but is terribly acted.

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