Monday, August 20, 2007

Caramel (Sukkar Banat سكر بنات)

Extremely good bittersweet light and romantic comedy by beautiful Nadine Labaki, who also is the lead character in this great female ensemble movie. The movie tells the story of several women that work at or frequent a beauty salon in Beirut. Layal is very religious but is in love with a married man. Nisrine is soon to be married but has a huge problem; she no longer is a virgin. Rima a tomboyish young woman is attracted to women and one woman in particular. Jamal is worried about getting old. Rose is devoted to take care of her older sister Lili. Siham is the most perfect and attractive woman that develops an attraction for Rima.

Incredibly nice story that will rapidly engage you and show you in the most delicate way, the everyday life of regular Lebanese women and how they cope with it. Great performances by all actors especially that only two characters Layal played by Nadine Labaki and her lover are professional actors.

What's outstanding is that with a very low budget (a little more than a million and half US$) they produced a remarkable movie with high production values. This is the first Labaki film and well, is so good that I’ll be looking forward to see more of her work. The movie was premiered in the Directors’ Fortnight at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

Even if the lesbian interest tale is secondary, I’ll give this movie the label, as the few scenes are quite sensual and intense… never before I thought that washing your hair at a beauty shop could be so sexy!!!

This is a movie I recommend to every women in the world as besides being easy to watch, you will find a character that seems like someone you know or even as yourself. I also believe that men will enjoy this movie very much. So I could say that this movie could be for all audiences that like light European movies.

Decided to include the link to the official site of the movie, is in French but if you understand French I suggest you read the interview with Nadaki so you will learn more about her characters and learn about the movie title, just in case you wonder. Is here.


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