Thursday, August 09, 2007

Brève Traversée (Brief Crossing)

Nice Catherine Breillat made for TV 2001 movie that tells the story of a overnight voyage in a ferry from France to England where a thirty something English woman, Alice, has a one night stand with a young French adolescent, Thomas. She seems bitter by life and he is just starting his life and she will be his first time. Nothing is what it seems and the end will show it.

Written also by Catherine Breillart the screenplay definitively has the woman perspective and the seduction that goes on between the two characters is quite intense and at moments very interesting with nice bitter dialogues and good acting, especially in those moments when they are silent and only “speaking” with their eyes.

Alice is played by Sarah Pratt and for this role won the Geneva Cinema Tout Ecran Best Actress award.

Not a masterpiece but very entertaining European movie that has a beginning and a very clear end, so it may appeal to wider audiences that enjoy a French dramas.

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