Monday, July 02, 2007

Vida de Familia (Family Life)

This Spaniard made for TV movie was quite a little surprise because of the story it tells and because is entertaining.

Tells the story of Marta that is reaching forty years old and wants to have a baby; and her partner, Vanessa, that is much younger than her and not sure that she wants to have a baby that will change their lives. But when finally both agree to become mothers they find that the system does not help a “single” woman to qualify for artificial insemination or adoption.

The story is based on real life events and at times seems like a documentary as the narrative becomes like pro gay parenthood/marriage promotion –which is not according to the director and scriptwriters. Please do not expect more than what the movie is, meaning: a made for television movie.

Still I do recommend it to those that have seen gay and/or lesbian interest movies before and want to realize how a very traditional culture and society has changed and become more modern at least in the big cities.

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