Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sin Noticias de Dios (Don’t Tempt Me)

Very nice satirical comedy directed and written by Agustín Díaz Yanes that tells the story of two angels, one from Heaven (Victoria Abril) and one from Hell (Penelope Cruz) that come to Earth to save the soul of a boxer.

One of the most outstanding codes this film uses is that in Heaven they speak French, in Hell they speak English and in the Earth they speak Spanish… gee, this almost sounds like reality!! Had to write this, as I was laughing so much with the parabole! Also when Heaven and Hell are confabulating about the soul of the boxer they speak Latin… well, what else could be but Latin.

With an outstanding international casting that includes Fanny Ardant as the one in charge of Heaven (isn’t St. Peter?), Gael García Bernal as one of the cousins in charge of Hell, Mexican Demián Birchir as the boxer, Elena Anaya as one of the workers in the supermarket and many other actors from other countries, including a closing picture of Javier Bardem. Perhaps is one of the most international cast I have seen in the screen.

Have to say that this is one of the few movies where I enjoyed Penelope Cruz performance and she does so well her butch character that becomes funny; but, what is outstanding is when she dances to that old Kung Fu Fighting song, she’s just fantastic!

Then Victoria Abril does a couple of numbers singing (according to allocine she sings!!) that are exquisite, especially the Brazilian Meditação by Antonio Carlos Jobim (one of my favorite musician, song writer and performer) and Newton Mendonça that was excellent! Just to watch her and hear this song I could watch this movie again. Sexy and classical.

Most Heaven scenes are in black and white and have the 50’s look, which totally fits Fanny Ardant that looks gorgeous and very elegant (as always!).

Not an oeuvre d’art but very much entertaining and ingenious that could be for all audiences, but perhaps is better suited for those that enjoy European cinema. Do not miss this movie if the dvd is near you.

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