Tuesday, July 31, 2007


If you haven’t noticed yet I am in my Aish cycle watching movies released before 2007 and this 2005 movie is well, different to other Bollywood movies I have seen. Set in current time tells the story of a wealthy older man that was a very successful writer but his last book was a failure and went into a 2 years dry spell. Happily married to a young and beautiful college teacher (Aish of course) he decides to write a new book about a woman and mixing reality with fiction motivates his wife to become close to a young and handsome man and from then on everything goes into heavy drama.

Why is different? I did not like the story, it was really disturbing and predictable, even do the end was not that predictable. Sanjay Dutt plays the writer and I did not liked his performance and believe he was miscast as Aish husband, as there was no chemistry between them.

Then, every time the writer was writing they used a sequence of letters and words (he writes in English) on top of the screen that looked like Jenny awful sequences in the L Word. Gee, someone has to know that effects like this are not attractive in the big or small screen and make the characters, the writing and the stories they write totally repellent.

There are not many dances here, as there is practically one that have to admit is outstanding for showing Aish extremely beautiful, sexy and exotic as she is wearing a black western dress and dances to Spanish music, fantastic!! Just because this dance number and seeing her laughing many times the movie was tolerable, but when the drama catch her up and Dutt does all his going insane drama, unfortunately takes Aish down with him.

If you are like me and want to see every movie Aish has done (still have many to see) you can skip this movie, or better, rent it and fast-forward to Aishwarya scenes!!

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