Friday, July 13, 2007

The Secret Life of Words


One of the best movies I have seen in years, one everyone should see it. Great director, great casting, great performances and excellent terrifying story.

The movie starts in silence and words start to appear, not many words. A woman is forced into vacation and ends up in an oilrig in the middle of the sea where there was a fire and they are about to close the rig… but there is one man badly burned and injured. As you start to learn his story, the woman slowly starts to express words and becomes alive, you wonder if is because his story is heavy. As her walls start to crumble, one day her words are brought to life and the outpour will make you feel unbelievable insignificant. I ended up in a knot, my whole body was a tense knot. I am still in shock.

Okay this movie is not for everyone, as is slow, so slow that you are able to see everything including the t-shirts that Javier Cámara wears that are from Puerto Cabello, Venezuela and Cabo Verde … and his hat from Chile. Yeah I know I am rambling…

Magnificent movie that will play with you as a spectator and outstanding climax!

Directed and written by Isabel Coixet this movie tells a story that only a woman could tell with such intensity. Sarah Polley is magnificent and Tim Robbins is outstanding.

The movie is a winner of 17 awards and 7 nominations in awards and festivals around the globe, including the Lina Mangiacapre Award in the 2005 Venice Film Festival.

To my loyal and special readers –you know whom you are-, please do not miss this movie, is a MUST BE SEEN.

To my dearest photographer friend, thanks for insisting that I see this movie!

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