Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Reaping

I think I am a little bit of a masochist today as I decided to watch this movie and I do not like horror films! To be honest what called my attention is that almost all American critics found this movie awful and most American horror movie viewers too… so, I said I have to see it, as what they do not like I tend to like! Then, the movie has Hilary Swank and well she is a good actress in most of her movies.

Yes, I jumped from my seat several times but not because of what I was watching, but because of the unexpected! This film has many unexpected scenes that are great just because they are unexpected, not because they are scary.

As a matter of fact, there is nothing scary in this movie and I should say that there is no horror in here, is more a thriller that keeps you guessing what is going on until the very end of the movie and when everything is sort of unveiled, well is confusing! -until the very, very last scene where you finally know what was going on.

One movie I saw many years ago and liked a lot was Rosemary’s Baby and in a way this one is very similar… but I wont compare them or I will give the plot away and will be a downer because you really do not know what’s going on until the very last scene.

Okay there were moments where I laughed, as they were so tacky that became funny, but there are not that many moments like this. As a whole I can say I liked it because it kept me wondering until the very, very, very end. Not many movies do that, isn’t?

After watching the movie you have to read the imdb posts in the message board, they are hilarious!! And yes, most did not get what was going on and that’s what makes them fun to read.

Overseas reactions to the movie are different, most critics and viewers like the movie with some hating it, so perhaps is a movie that either you like or you hate.

Nevertheless, if you are in the mood to watch the Ten Biblical Plagues, like the unexpected moments that make you jump and are patient enough to wait until the last scene to understand the story, then this movie is for you!!

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