Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Raibu Mai Raifu (Love My Life)

I been repeating to myself that I should pay more attention to manga, but for whatever reason, I can't make myself like it. Then movies like this one make me not only want to really learn Japanese beyond arigato and mushi mushi (!!) but start to really enjoy manga and anime. Think that for me it will be easier to learn Japanese.

I am sharing all this with you because this movie is based on Yamaji Ebine award winner manga that is known to rely on minimalist art, background jazz, good literature and characters that live in a real world. Gee, this sounds just great, as great as this movie.

This is the second time I see this movie, but this time I did understand it and have to say that has an interesting and somehow surprising story that the director, Koji Kawano chose to tell in such an easygoing way, that everything seems so “normal” and beautiful.

When beautiful Ichiko, played by Rei Yoshii, decides to tell her father that she is dating a girl, she will be opening the closet door to a bigger truth about her mother and father. When Eri, played by cute Asami Imajuku, decides to stop seeing Ichiko, as she has to study for her law degree, another closet door is wide opened into accepting your life as it is and to get rid of all the walls that you built to protect yourself from others. Very, very nice and positive story told in the most natural and not a bit sensationalistic way.

Lovely story, lovely movie and lovely actresses. I probably sound a little sugary, but honestly the movie is not sugary, is that after seeing the movie your own sweetness level simply goes up more that a few notches. Well, is just an image to say that this movie is outstandingly good in many beautiful ways. As Okazu blog says about the Yuri Manga: Love My Life “every time I read this manga, I finish with a smile on my face”, I have to say that’s exactly what happened to me with this movie… I end up with a nice, sweet and soft smile on my face.

I am very grateful to two of my most loyal readers for allowing me to see and understand this beautiful movie and for this I say a truthful thank you.

Do not miss this movie; even the music by Noodles is great.


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