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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nancy Drew

This Andrew Fleming film is also known as Nancy Drew and The Mystery in Hollywood Hills, is according to me a mix of traditional Nancy Drew with Ghost Whisper and a new version of a contemporary Nancy Drew that behaves more like a nerd than anything else. But then, I really do not know what I am doing watching teenagers films!!

Long time ago I used to read and watch Nancy Drew stories, so I was looking forward to see what they did with a classic. Honestly, I did not like it but reading critics and viewers that probably have never read or seen old stories -and know Nancy because video games (!!)-, well they liked the movie.

I could not stand Emma Roberts (Julia Roberts niece) acting; she played a “plastic” and too nice to-believe Nancy. Then she looks like a very young girl, not even a teen and she behaves like an older teen, not credible. Besides Nancy Drew was much older than what they tried to portrait her here.

If you are a teenager then maybe you will enjoy this movie, otherwise I do not suggest you watch it, you’ll be very disappointed.

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