Friday, July 27, 2007

Live Free Die Hard

Not even me can remember the previous three Die Hard that came in 1988, 1990 and 1995, but I do remember seeing them and having fun; so I decided to give a try to the 2007 version with an older Bruce Willis.

Well the actor may be older but he is in good shape and kills everyone -as always- and obviously wins -as always. This new Die Hard 4.0, which I think means version 4.0, as the story has a lot to do with computers and the infamous Internet.

I laugh a lot as to me is pure fun to see that from the good ones no one dies even if they are in explosions, big falls, big blasts or big attacks! Have to admit that has more than one good adrenaline sequence and in general, this is pure macho entertainment, which is good to watch at least once a year.

Know that some of my known blog readers will skip this movie, but if you believe that you have to see one action movie a year, this is the one to watch as is very fun and Bruce is the man to see doing all those things. Another good reason to watch is that they toned down the violence so this movie was rated PG-13, instead of the R the other three got.

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