Saturday, July 14, 2007

Les Amants du Flore

An interesting made for TV movie about the tumultuous and mutually dependant relationship between Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. But I should say that is more like a long (1929-1960) slice of the life of Simone de Beauvoir, which indeed makes it more interesting at least to me, as Sartre life tends to be more common knowledge than hers.

I particularly enjoyed very much the performance of Anna Mouglalis as honestly I am not that familiar on how Simone looks like and Mougalis made me see a credible portrait of Simone. Being more familiar with Sartre, I feel that Lorant Deutsch gives an acceptable performance, but according to me definitively does not have the bizarre charisma and magnetism that Sartre had.

The director Ilan Duran Cohen, as well as the writers, did an extremely good work to compress so many years and events into a movie that keeps your attention as years go by. Of course there are many things missing, but what is told is enough to get a portrait of those times.

Most interesting was learning about Simone de Beauvoir sexual behavior and her preference for her female students, which eventually gets her into trouble as she is dismissed after a mother complains.

I really wanted to see this movie for the story and have to say that I am not disappointed at all, is a more than good made for TV movie that tells a very interesting story about two gods of the existentialism.

I recommend it to everyone that wants to see how Sartre and de Beauvoir became the incredible working couple they were.

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