Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Le Voyage en Douce (Sentimental Journey)

This movie confirms what many say, the mind is the most erogenous zone. The movie is just fantastic and titillating, when is over you are totally exhausted and even if you paid attention to the story… well, who cares what the story is all about?? …after that experience?

Okay I’ll tell you, the story is about two childhood friends that when one of them fights with her husband goes for comfort to the other one and decide to go on a summer house hunt at the most beautiful French countryside. While one recuperates from her breakdown, the other just goes down her own breakdown.

Beautiful Dominique Sanda plays Hélène and Geraldine Chaplin plays Lucie and their performances are quite unique as they are able to take you into a very special voyage while doing absolutely nothing… as most of what they do is talk.

I am a huge fan of Dominique Sanda and one of my favorite movies of all times The Garden of the Finzi-Contini is still in my mind, not because of the story or beautiful cinematography, but because Dominique Sanda performance. Now I have two movies with Sanda performance that will stay forever in my mind!!

Written and directed by Michel Deville the movie had a nomination for the Golden Bear in the 1980 Berlinale.

Someone was wondering if this movie could fit the lesbian interest label, after watching it my verdict (??) is a big YES!!! But be aware that is a very non-conventional movie for this genre.


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