Thursday, July 19, 2007

싸이보그지만 괜찮아 (I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK)

One of the strangest and craziest movies I have seen lately, but then the story happens in a psychiatric institution. Okay this is no One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, as if you get through all the craziness, you will uncover a very sweet and nice story.

The psychiatric institution allows the filmmaker to do the most unthinkable things in the most surrealistic and realistic way, that most of them are quite comic, like for example yodeling in Korean! I should say that this is a comedy developed in the most unusual way.

In a way the story is about unfinished business, those affairs that drive you “crazy” as you are not able to put an end to it. Also about loneliness and finding someone that “speaks” your language, that understands you and helps you and himself to “close” the unfinished business and go on with life.

I been wanting to see this movie since it premiered in the 2007 Berlinale and have to say that the wait was worth it, not only for the story but also for the outstandingly beautiful cinematography and good performances. Lim Su-jeong plays the pale longhaired Young-goon a paranoid schizophrenic that believes she is a cyborg, and famous in Korea Rain plays Park Il-sun a thief that steals personality traits from other patients.

The movie has two wins and two nominations in different awards and festivals, including winning the Albert Bauer Award for Chan-wook Park, the director, and a nomination for the Golden Bear in the 2007 Berlinale.

Have to admit that this is a very special movie that most will love it or hate it, as there is no middle ground in this fantastic film. Just in case you are wondering I just loved the movie as is visually stunning and has a very nice story.

Absolutely not for all audiences, this is an art house film that will take you into a trip full of magnificent colors, visions, fantasies and special effects; but most of the movie you will be wondering what is all about, until the story unravels at almost the end.

P.S. This is the movie that has so many “names” in westernized Korean that I decided just to copy and paste the name in Korean... hope I'm right and wrote the name and not whatever else... lol!

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