Tuesday, July 24, 2007

High Heels and Low Lifes

Very nice British comedy that will make you laugh and will be total eye candy as the two stars are -like they are called in the movie- beautiful Mary McCormack and attractive Minnie Driver.

The story is about a nurse (Driver) that eavesdrop with an actress (Mary) a mobile conversation where they talk about a bank robbery. They decide to blackmail the robbers and all the fun starts.

Yes it is a great British comedy with their typical peculiar and somehow dark humor; just loved the scene with the many guns… I was I laughing a lot!! Please do not expect more than pure entertainment and you will find plenty of enjoyment.

Still, the movie has one nomination in the British Independent Film Awards for Best Technical Achievement in costume design.

I think I needed to see a movie like this one for a good and refreshing change in my eclectic taste.


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