Sunday, July 01, 2007

Georgia Rule

With all the bad press that Lindsay Lohan got for her life and this movie I was more than puzzled to see what was all the fuzz. See, I like Lindsay Lohan as an actress and I believe that she’s about the only one of her generation that really has thespian possibilities. This movie just confirms what I think of her, as her performance is outstanding… she sort of steals the whole movie and she was in the very good company of Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman.

Then the marketing of this movie is a mess, labeled as a comedy and this is no comedy this is a fine serious strong drama about women, mother/daughter relationships and the fine line between lies and truth when relationships are more of the complex and dysfunctional nature.

This movie looks and feels more like independent cinema that the regular Hollywood flick with big stars, it even has a very international flavor given by the story and the acting.

This is not a movie for teenagers, or young adults or males looking to see Lohan behaving like the press says. This is a serious adult movie with a serious story that includes alcoholism and sexual abuse. This is a movie that could leave you thinking about your own relationship with your mother and/or daughters.

I have to say that the movie is not depressing, is very entertaining and well directed so even if the subject is heavy, Gary Marshall makes the ride a smooth one.

I do recommend this movie to all women that in their lives had difficult relationships with their mothers and/or daughters.

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