Sunday, June 03, 2007

Vers Le Sud (Heading South)

Someone recommended me to see this movie that had some honors at the 2005 Venice Film Festival. But the reason I accepted the recommendation is that one of the leads is Charlotte Rampling and having seen her in many good and many “strange” movies, I decided to see it.

The story is interesting, three over forty-five years old -lonely, forsaken and neglected by men in their native countries- female tourists go for summer vacations to late ‘70s Haiti where they indulge in the pleasures that local male natives provide for a few dollars. So you remember, Papa Doc and Baby Doc ruling of Haiti was a violent dictatorship.

Maybe is just me, but this story could have been relevant in the ‘80s or 90’s; but in 2005 (when the film was released) I find hard to believe that this movie could raise eyebrows because it touches issues like older women sexuality, male prostitution, interracial relationships, poverty, and other similar subjects.

As a movie I find it rather flat with medium shots and close-ups that are basically unimpressive and Laurent Cantet directorial technique fails to go beyond normal B movies.

Still, Charlotte Rampling performance is exceptional and Ménothy Cesar (plays Legba) performance is credible and quite good.

If you like Charlotte Rampling performances then this movie is for you, otherwise please do not run to look for this movie

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