Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shinku (Deep Red)

A very interesting Japanese movie that’s considered as psychological thriller, drama and/or horror genre by different movie sites and according to me is more a drama than anything else. If I had read all the summaries, synopsis and reviews before watching it, I would have not seen it at all, as they describe a terribly disgusting movie and definitively that is not the movie I saw.

The story has a terrible crime, but you do not get to know what happen until the last third of the movie and the director was gracious enough to not show the actual crime, he only suggested it.

The main story is about two women reaching theirs 20’s, one is the daughter of the killer and the other one is the sole survivor of the victims. Is a story that suggests revenge, but actually is about overcoming the terrible tragedy that branded both then 12 years old girls in different ways. Then, for a change, it has a very nice and positive ending.

Very good cinematography with the use of exceptionally interesting effects to magnify the angst of the characters in several scenes, like when the water slowly rises and even the use of the color red at different moments.

Great performances by Rina Uchiyama that plays Kako and Asami Mizukawa that plays Miho complement the great work that Takashi Tsukinoki directed.

No, I do not like horror movies, but this is no horror movie and I do recommend it to everyone that likes Japanese cinema well directed, with good-looking actresses, and a good story.

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