Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ocean’s Thirteen

Not often you see a men ensemble cast with so many popular actors and this time it included Al Pacino. Before I continue let me tell you that here you will find the great Al Pacino we know, the one that knows how to act with that incredible face he has and here Pacino has no beard, so maybe this is the sign and clue, when he has a beard his acting decreases, but when he is beardless he becomes a great actor... no kidding!

The third installment is not as bad as the second and for some, not as good as the first. But here you will see more character interaction and less special effects, which definitively makes it more interesting. Besides everyone is back and I mean everyone that is a male relevant character in the previous two, as no woman returned.

Do not expect thrills or even suspense, this is movie with a lot of buildup and not much happening at the climax, as the climax may be an anticlimax, but actually I liked as it was quite dramatic for Pacino’s character.

So I suppose that many will like it and many will be claiming that the first is better, but one thing is sure, most of us will watch it and the box office shows that was not that bad for the first weekend as this is no teenager movie.

Well, this is not exciting entertainment, but was okay for a rainy afternoon.

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