Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Bollywood Bride

Hoping to find another westernized Bollywood alike movie like Bride and Prejudice decided to watch this USA/India production. But unfortunately, this is no Bride and Prejudice that was UK/USA production and perhaps because of that it makes quite a difference even when Hindi directors directed both.

Tells the story of an American writer that meets a Hindi woman in LA, falls for her and follows her to Bombay when she disappears, only to find that she is the most famous Bollywood movie star engaged to the most powerful Bollywood producer.

The worst part was the miscast of the western male lead, that not only had a terrible performance (he is no actor) but his voice does not fit his looks at all!

Still, I sort of liked the movie when the American actor was not in the screen; but I do not recommend it to anyone.

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