Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Last Legion

I have to start by saying that I loved Aish in this movie, she looks gorgeous and fights so beautiful, that looks as she was dancing!! Just for Aish performance this movie was more than worth watching… and I am not biased! (Ha! Ha!)

The movie is based on a novel so it is fiction and do not expect history accuracy when it tells the last days of the Roman Empire and a very young Cesar that with the help of Aurelius (Colin Firth), Ambrosinus (Ben Kingsley) and Mira (Aishwarya Rai) escapes to Britain where the last legion wins the battle against the local tyrant … when the battle is won Cesar says no more war and throws a sword that falls into a rock… and a myth is born. Just in case you do not get it, the myth is about Arthur and the sword name is Excalibur, they don’t tell this story, this movie tells everything that happens before.

Seems that some viewers were expecting something like 300 and definitively this movie is not similar to that movie or the HBO series Rome. The only thing that has in common with HBO Rome is Kevin Mckidd that here plays Wulfila and in Rome plays Lucius Vorenus.

The movie is not a work of art, but I found the story very entertaining and well told; besides the young Cesar or Romulus Augustus was played by Thomas Sangster that according to me he is a very interesting young actor that I have seen in movies like Bobbie’s Girl, Love Actually and Tristan + Isolde.

I have the feeling that this is no men movie; this is more a women movie and reading male viewers comments confirm that they miss more epic or bloody battles, which this movie does not have.

Anyway if you are an Aish fan, do not miss this movie and if you enjoyed movies like First Knight (with Sean Connery, Julia Ormond and Richard Gere) you will probably enjoy this one too, even if here there are no romantic scenes as Aish does not kiss Colin, but Colin gives her his famous “love look” when they get into bed.

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