Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dhoom 2 (D:2 Back in Action)

I suspected that this was going to be my first non-traditional Bollywood movie and I was right. By non-traditional I mean that the story happens today and not in the past. Until now I have been choosing not to see this type of Bollywood movie, but it had to happen one day and this was the finest moment to watch one of the nominated for best picture in the IIFA Awards. Okay, the real reason is Aishwarya Rai and she was extremely beautiful in this movie, so I had an incredible feast.

There is no simple way to describe this movie so I will use an analogy.

For the first scenes of the movie think a very cute and young James Bond doing his thing, but this time James is a thief a la Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. Then suddenly James starts to dance like Ricky Martin to music very similar to any of his famous songs. Well, this is just the beginning.

Cut to any cop movie with a major hard and smart detective or FBI agent, add a super policewoman and a funny inept policeman and you have the team that will try to catch the thief in India.

Cut to the latest robbery with the thief looking different, shorter and curvaceous… think Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft and you have beautiful Aish that gets caught by no other than the real thief. Now think Peta Wilson as La Femme Nikita is set to deceive the thief as she is actually hired by the police. Here you will see the hotter sexiest dance and basketball game that you probably have ever seen. Thank God they have intermission!!

Cut to Rio de Janeiro now the hard/smart detective and the funny inept police are alone as the super policewoman broke her leg. But suddenly the same actress appears as her sister that lives in Rio and the funny cop says, “this is a double role” or something like that. God was I laughing!!

The rest is for you to see and I’ll stop by saying that it ends in Fiji –that I bet you still is Rio!

This movie is really fun and entertaining and has lots of action, romance, dances, songs, non-western humor, theatricals, dramatics, in one word: everything! Everyone will find something they like here. Then at times I had the feeling that was a Hollywood parody, but probably is not.

Hope you laugh as much as I did writing this review (and watching the movie)… at the end I have to say that I liked the movie as entertainment and as a fusion of western and eastern styles. But this is 100% Bollywood, so if you decide to watch it please do not forget that.

Ah! Aish kisses the thief -a real kiss- and broke the no-kiss code; of course the production company is fighting a legal battle for one kiss. Tell you, is absurd, but tradition is tradition, isn’t?

Last, this movie was a major blockbuster in India, so here is your chance to watch something quite different to what you are use to see.

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