Friday, June 29, 2007

10th Shanghai International Film Festival

The festival was held from June 16 to June 24, 2007 and these are the winners of the Jin Jue Award.

Best Feature Film: ACCORDING TO THE PLAN (Germany) by Franziska Meletzky
Word by Jury: The truth of the life has been expressed with laughs and tears in the film.

Jury Grand Prix: THE NEW MAN (Sweden/Finland) by Klaus Haro
Word by Jury: The suffering never stops love! The human nature of caring is always shining in the film.

Best Director: Tian Zhuangzhuang THE GO MASTER (China)
Word by Jury: Tian Zhuangzhuang is more than a director, should say, he is also a writer and thinker. He is never afraid of the loneliness, but keeps showing the best of human nature through normal-life-details.

Best Actor: Juan Jose Ballesta DOGHEAD (Spain)
Word by Jury: The youth at a loss made him a pure person.

Best Actress: Corinna Harfouch, Dagmar Manzel, Kirsten Block, Christine Schorn ACCORDING TO THE PLAN (Germany)
Word by Jury: We really cannot decide who the best is, but we already can tell what love is and what life is by their performances.

Best Screenplay: Shemi Zarhin AVIVA MY LOVE (Israel)
Word by Jury: The touching details have been woven into the beautiful story by such talented writer.

Best Cinematography: Wang Yu THE GO MASTER (China)
Word by Jury: The simplest images tell the richest story.

Best Music: Isao Tomita LOVE AND HONOR (Japan)
Word by Jury: The music of this film is the soul of the film hiding behind film characters.

Special Award of the 10th Shanghai International Film Festival: THE KNOT (China) by Yin Li
Word by Jury: The "out-of-date" love story in this film deeply touches audiences nowadays, expressing pure feeling well interpreted by classical emotions.

There is a list of movies nominated for the Asia New Talent Award, if you want to check the synopsis please go here.

The winner of Best Feature Film of Asian New Talent goes to BLISS (China). Word by Jury: The film is chosen for its sincerity and artistic integrity.

Best Director Asian New Talent: Golan Rabbany Biplob for ON THE WINGS OF DREAMS (Bangladesh).

New movies to look forward, as most seem very interesting.

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