Thursday, May 31, 2007


So you noticed something different here… did you??

I have been watching movies but I also have been playing with this blog. You may notice some layout and colors changes. Finally I decided to please the great majority and now you will be able to read the posts more easily with the black letters on a clear background.

But the changes are more profound. I decided to learn JavaScript and while I am still learning (I am going to W3 Schools), I was able to understand how to do this changes that keep alive all the posts in the blog, as with a little click or two you will have the post you click right here, where you are reading this post. No more going back pages and pages and waiting long for the browser to upload the page. JavaScript is really fast.

This is not my original template with JavaScript –still way too much to learn- and I am very grateful to Ramani for deciding to go public and share his great template and scripts. Then I have to admit that I tweaked this template more than a little and that’s how I am learning to do things.

Browsers have limitations and not every browser can run JavaScripts. I tested the new template in Internet Explorer latest version (think is 7) and Mozilla Firefox version 2 and both work the scripts okay. All this was done with Windows XP and Windows Vista OS’s. Sorry but I could not tested in Mac as I do not have one.

Still, there is a little bug that happens only with Internet Explorer and is when you go to different pages and return to home by clicking the Movie On title, in the bottom left corner there will be a yellow triangle with an exclamation point telling you there are two errors… but all the links work fine. If you want to get rid of the triangle, just do not return home by clicking Movie On use the back arrow. This does not happen with Firefox.

The reason why I did this post is because some of my loyal readers were finding that the links did not work yesterday or today in the morning. I believe everything works this afternoon, but if you find problems, please be so kind as to leave a comment with the problem as you are helping me to fix it and along the way, learn more.

Hope you like the new blog as much as I enjoyed doing it

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