Monday, May 07, 2007

Spiderman 3

With everyone in the world watching this movie, well I could not resist and watched too. Then I have to confess that I liked the two previous ones that I own in DVD’s and even seen them on reruns in cable. So, am I a Spiderman aficionado? Guess I am. Come on, they are true entertainment and the best comic taken to the screen.

Up-to-date figures for the movie worldwide are $375 million in 6 days and it cost $258 plus an estimate of $125 million in marketing. So we can say that in 6 days they are even, everything else is profit. See, this is what Hollywood does best, entertainment movies that make big bucks.

Still, this Spiderman is different from the others. For starters it has three villains, which of course are underdeveloped! Previous ones had one and was well developed, with some viewers even enjoying more the villains than the hero… here we have 140 minutes of many things happening mainly to the hero and sometimes I felt the pace was rushed to the next story… even if the villain was not dead yet. Then there is too much romance even for me, imagine for teenagers! Kristen Dunst sings not one but two songs (??) and Tobey Maguire dances jazz (??) … gee, this does not sound like Spiderman, isn’t?

But with the money is making and they are expecting to reach US$400 million just in the US, everybody (studio, distributors, critics, viewers, etc.) is already talking about Spiderman 4!!! I don’t know if they are going to make that money, as most bucks come from teens that see the movie twice or more times… but then in the imbd you can read about people that just in the weekend have already seen it twice! This is insane!

I have to confess something else; with this type of movies the part I enjoy the most is the business side. The figures are totally incomprehensible!!… and make this business one successful case history after another. Business and Marketing schools should pay more attention to the film industry … but I believe that they sort of feel dirty talking and teaching about this industry… is their loss!

Well, now you know… I am crazy about marketing, advertising, business and those things too.

If you are one of the few people in the world that have not seen this movie, what are you waiting for? Go to the cinema and contribute to the millions of bucks that this movie will make!


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