Thursday, May 03, 2007


It has been quite here -again-. I made the mistake of diverting myself from my Italian cycle to watch some movies from Spaniard directors and well I do not feel like writing about them!!! But, this time I will let you know the movies.

For a long time I wanted to watch something from Catalonian director Marta Balletbó-Coll as I have read a lot about her career. Finally I was able to watch her opera prima, Costa Brava: A Family Album that well it looks more like an experiment in cinema than a movie. Still, if I can, I will watch her later work like Sévigné to find out if she improved or not!

Then I watched El Calentito by Chus Gutiérrez and well, the story was predictable, the ‘80s rock/punk loud and even do the girls are cute I did not liked the movie. Although it has a clip from an Almodovar movie and tries to use Almodovar’s great craziness, Gutierrez totally fails to produce an interesting film.

Since today I am sharing names of movies I did not enjoy and did not motivate me to write about them, not even to tell you how bad they were, I will share another name. Asi del Precipicio (Close to Fall?) by Mexican Teresa Suarez… extremely bad! Nothing worked in this movie.

Please do not think that I do not enjoy Spanish or Mexican movies, yes I do. I love Almodovar and there are many other Spaniard directors and actors that I follow and watch their movies. Mexico has incredible movies like Amorres Peros (Love’s a Bitch) by González Iñárittu, even Y tu Mamá También (And Your Mother Too) by Alfonso Cuarón is quite good and one of my favorite movies of all times is Viento Negro (Black Wind) a 1965 black and white movie by Servando González.

So, what happens is that, as in every other country, there are bad and good movies and lately I have been unlucky when choosing movies from those countries… any suggestions for good movies from Spain or Mexico???

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