Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Partilha (The Inheritance)

After the amount of information I gather yesterday this was the right movie to watch and clear my mind. This comedy and drama tells the story of four sisters that after the death of their mother get together after many years of being apart as their lives took their own ways.

This is a movie based on a play that is based on a novel by Miguel Falabella and according to some reviews is a good adaptation of the play. Without knowing that it was based on a play the movie gives you that feeling as most of the movie happens in the mother's apartment, but with so many things happening feels all right.

One thing called my attention and is the product placement in the movie and yes the Goodyear blimp at the beach scene… well, Goodyear is financing the movie and got more than the regular 30 seconds ad!

The women ensemble is nice to watch even if sometimes it seems a little overacted, but then it is true to life as I know a few Brazilian women that behave like that!! Two of the actresses were nominated for best actress at the 2002 Cinema Brazil Grand Prize and the screenplay won two awards at the 2002 Miami Brazilian Film Festival.

A nice comedy to laugh and a bittersweet drama about relationships between sisters and spouses; but must of all, about coming to terms with your past and go on with your future.

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