Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mio Fratello è Figlio Unico (My Brother is an Only Child)

This Daniele Luchetti film is based on a political novel by Antonio Pennacchi, Il fasiocommunista, and tells the story of two brothers than are extreme opposites, one is an extremist the other is moderate, one is a communist, the other a fascist. Set in the difficult period of the Italian ‘60s and ‘70s the two bothers are bound by fraternal love and opposed to one another by just about everything else.

According to some viewers reviews the movie does not do justice to the novel and maybe they are right. One thing is true, the movie is flat and keeps you wondering when the story is going to start, the acting is flat with the exception of Elio Germano (plays Accio) but he does not save the movie.

This movie is in competition in Cannes at the Un Certain Regard section and honestly I have no idea why is there; also is nominated for the Best Italian film in the 2007 David di Donatello awards.

Has been labeled by some critics as art house cinema maybe because the movie as a movie is not that bad, has incredible transitions, great music, and great moments; but they seem like isolated parts that do not come together.

Anyway this is the second movie where I watch Elio Germano, the first was N: Io e Napoleone and I admit that he calls your attention in both movies, does not save any of the two and maybe in the future he will become a great actor.

No, I did not enjoyed this movie.

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