Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cannes News

I will stop posting winners as they are announced, I’ll wait until the festival ends tomorrow and the official sites list the multiple award winners. I got this feeding that constantly tells me the latest news, but posting everything will be confusing.

Still good news to filmmakers from each continent keeps coming out with awards going to Fatih Akin for De l’autre côté, which is one of the favorites for Sunday major award. Also Cambodian director Rithy Panh won the France Culture 2007 award for his work.

I’ve been trying hard NOT to read about the movies, but by now almost all the movies participating in the multiple sections of this festival have reviews, synopsis summaries and/or general comments. So if you are interested in learning more about any of the movies, just do a search and you will find more information than when the festival started.

Tomorrow TV5 will transmit the closing ceremony in the following schedule:

Canada and USA at 1:00pm Eastern Time
Latin America: Argentine/Brazil 4:20pm, Central America 1:20pm, Mexico 2:20pm.

Due to time zones some of us will be able to know the winners before the closing ceremony broadcast, but maybe they will have a special cadeau (gift) like they had in the opening ceremony.

I am sad that the film festival is almost over, but somehow feel relief as too many things where happening at the same time, now I can concentrate in looking forward to watch some of the good movies in this festival.

Hope you enjoyed this festival as much as I did.

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