Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cannes News

The Opening Ceremony is over and it was nice. They had a small red carpet with some celebrities viewing like Juliette Binoche, Gong Li, Andie MacDowell, Pascalle Ferran, Sergio Castellito, Luc Besson among others. My only sorrow is knowing that Aishwarya Rai was there and the red carpet started after she arrived!

Also there Norah Jones, Jude Law and Wong Kar Wai as after the ceremony they will show My Blueberry Nights.

All the jurors were there with Toni Collette looking marvelous and Michel Piccoli almost unrecognizable. Diane Kruger was the presenter.

But the best part was being able to watch clips from all movies in the International Competition and a short by David Lynch, Absurda, that it is Lynch at his best!!! Lynch was also there.

Well, the Festival has started and soon we will know the winners and losers.

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