Saturday, May 26, 2007

Brodeuses (A Common Thread)

Directed and co written by Eléonore Faucher this beautiful movie tells a story that has been told many times and manages to make it unique. Is about a pregnant teenager with no future, until her future catches her up when she finds an older woman grieving over the death of her son.

Amazing is the fact that this is Faucher first major motion picture as a director as most of her cinema work has been done as a camera assistant! The pace is slow and glorious as probably is life at France countryside. The story is built step by step and in between you will be able to watch the marvels that embroidery artisans can do.

Dazzling performance by Lola Naymark that plays Claire Moutiers the pregnant teenager with most acting done with unbelievable expressions and creates a character that is uniquely strong and fragile at the same time. Arian Ascaride has a great performance as Madame Mélikian.

Great cinematography with beautiful scenes of France countryside’s complement this movie that will move you and maybe will do the same to you as did to me, it left me full of joy.

This movie is the winner of the 2004 Critics Week Grand Price and the SACD Screenwriting Award at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival as well as other awards and nominations at other European film festivals and awards. Worth mentioning that Lola Naymark won the Lumière Award for Most Promising Young Actress at the 2005 Lumière Awards and the 2004 Michel-Simon award, aslo had a nomination in the same category at the 2005 César Awards.

This movie is not for all audiences, is for those who enjoy great European or French cinema.

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