Saturday, April 21, 2007

Søndagsengler (The Other Side of Sunday)

This Berit Nesheim 1996 movie tells the story of Maria a teenager daughter of an orthodox Christian vicar in 50’s Norway that is coming to age and finds that most of what she has been taught under very strict teachings, is not valid anymore for her. This is her journey of discovery into adulthood with religion being the focal impediment.

Described by some critics as a “powerful film with simple and heartfelt performances by all” and I do agree. It is a very slow pace movie with great cinematography and an air of melancholy... but then, the story is about the fifties and not only the cinematography helps to enhance the fifties experience but also the costumes and most important, the music with American songs from that era.

This is the 1996 Norwegian Academy Award nominee for best foreign-language film that has won many international prizes in international awards.

If you enjoy Nordic cinema, this is a must be seen movie.

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