Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Revoir Julie (Julie and Me)

This low-budget independent Canadian movie is a fine drama/comedy about two friends that meet after 15 years and share memories of their teenage years and then close friendship. The question is: why did they do not dare to get in touch all these years? The unexpected twist is revealed and everyone is happy like never before.

This cute movie is a dialogue between the two characters that last for the almost the whole movie. It made me think about how much women like to talk… yes, we talk so much!! But the brilliant and intelligent dialogue is quite an attention grabber. Then maybe I am biased as they speak “la langue Québécoise” (or Joual) a language I do miss speaking and still like very much to listen as is so… musical!

Nice cinematography, especially for a low budget movie; with beautiful scenery of Quebec country sites. They visit a “cabane à sucre” and it remind me of a few I went during Spring time to eat all kinds of dishes with maple syrup!!

Okay, I admit it, I went down memory lane with this movie but even if you never been to Quebec magnificent country sites you can enjoy this nice little movie with a superb screenplay that ends very unexpectedly.


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