Sunday, April 29, 2007

N Io e Napoleone (N: Napoleon and Me)

This film by Paolo Virzi tells the story of a young teacher Martino that nothing hates more in life than Napoleon. Living in Elba, Martino is doom to meet him and become the writer of his memoirs, while Napoleon is in exile. This is a funny, yet very serious film that makes history entertaining.

Great surprise was to find that Daniel Auteuil plays Napoleon and even if is a little odd to hear him speaking Italian, he does an excellent old and fragile character. Yes, Monica Belluci plays Elena, the baroness that loves Martino, but wants nothing more than leave Elba and go to Naples.

As mentioned by one viewer, watching this film will help to understand why Italians and French do not like each other and reading reviews I found that the movie did okay in Italy, while in France did not, so something must be true in this viewer comment, as definitively this film tells history from an Italian point of view.

This is a nice normal movie that entertains you, nothing more.

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