Saturday, April 07, 2007

Je vais bien, ne t’en fais pas

An excellent movie by Philippe Lioret from a dark novel by Olivier Adam that tells a story that I cannot describe, even if I been trying, as after I write, I read, and is not the movie I saw! So let me give you the elements: Lili comes back from holiday to find that her twin brother Loïc is missing. Her parents tell her he left home after a strong argument with his father. She tries to contact Loïc and no answer. She is convinced that something happened to him and starts looking for him. What she finds is beyond belief.

Why is hard to describe the story? Because is so simple and yet, very complex. Lili and her parents are very ordinary, with an ordinary life and within this simplicity lays a deep silence due to love… parent’s love for their children and there is that strange bond/love between twins.

This is an intense family drama that has a thriller feeling and grabs you totally into the story, mainly because Mélanie Laurent (Lili) performance is truly magnificent and the director suspense pace to develop the story.

This is a good representative of contemporary French cinema that won two 2007 Cesar Awards for Best Supporting actor for Kad Merad (Lili’s father) and Most Promising Actress for Mélanie Laurent.

If you are interested in or want to start learning about contemporary French cinema this is a must be seen movie.

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