Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Choses Secrètes (Secret Things)

This is Jean-Claude Brisseau previous movie to Les Anges Exterminateurs and the main reason to the incident that most people claim he based the script for his later movie. The incident involved actresses that did not make the cast in this one.

What marvels me is that both movies touch similar subjects: angels that disappear –here is the angel of death for sure-, voyeurism and explicit sex; camera moves the same, directing is similar and even the indoor scenes have the same feeling and then, they are two complete different movies.

If I have seen Choses before Anges probably I would not have seen Anges.

Choses as a movie is not bad done, as a matter of fact is quite well done. But probably the story, the casting and the acting makes it quite disgusting and unappealing. Where Anges stimulates your senses, Choses totally fails. The beginning and the building of the story may capture your attention, but then seems like the story loses focus and ends in such non-believable way that spoils the whole movie. Seems like the director had little idea of how to end his story, as he is also the screenplay writer.

There is a lesson to learn, when you see something you dislike from one director, you should give him a chance that his/her later work could be better.

Just in case you have any doubts, I did not liked this movie at all.

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