Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blood Diamond

This movie tries to tell the real-life drama of diamond’s exploitation in Africa, human greed and America’s love for diamond engagement rings, resulting in three multifold unfocused messages that make this movie frivolous and preachy.

Maybe if the story had not been based on real-life drama, the movie would have been more than okay as it is a good adventure/action/thriller flick. Perhaps the most important message the movie tries to convey is that most American women have human blood in their hands and absolutely fails to do so.

This movie is all about Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance, which is one of his most credible performances up-to-date. But, he does not save the movie. Also Djimon Hounsou ‘s excellent Solomon is truly believable. Jennifer Connelly performance is average, but I think that her character was placed in the movie just to fulfill the Hollywood necessity of romance for the main character.

This is just another movie that fails to make a typical Hollywood commercial movie with a meaningful message. They should stick to do what they know how to do best and make big bucks with… fictional light-headed entertainment.

Rent the DVD if you want to watch Leonardo and if you forget the message of the movie, then you might actually enjoy the thriller/adventure part of it.

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