Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Friends With Money / Because I Said So

Women Ensembles

It has been quiet in here! Yes, after watching quite a few movies I suddenly got the urge to not write about them! Maybe is because the awards season is over or maybe is just that all the not so interesting movies started to pop-up. Whatever is the reason, truth is that what I call a “dry” season seems to have just begun.

To be fair there are two women ensemble movies that maybe some of you would like to watch: Friends with Money and Because I Said So. If you enjoy women ensembles then these two movies may perhaps entertain you.

Friends with Money has great female ensemble with Frances McDormand (she is great as always!), Catherine Keener, Joanne Cussak and Jennifer Aniston. This is mainly a drama that according to me tells the story of how happiness cannot be found (especially at those crucial life moments women live) when you are wealthy or not that wealthy or better, money has very little to do with feeling happy; happiness is within yourself!

This is not your regular American movie, as actually there is neither a beginning nor an end. It feels more like an European or specifically a French story, so this makes it not for all tastes, but absolutely makes it a lot more interesting. It is an independent film that won two awards, best supporting female for Frances McDormand at the Independent Spirit Awards and the Dorothy Azner Directors award for the filmmaker Nicole Holofcener .

Because I Said So is a comedy that at moments it make me laugh, it make me want to kill the mother and it make me smile. Diane Keaton plays mother to Mandy Moore, Piper Perabo and Lauren Graham and well, the ensemble is more eye candy that anything else. This is what some people call chick flick or girly/girly movie! Watch it for entertainment purposes only and maybe if you like Diane Keaton performances but then, her character becomes really irritating at times.

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