Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Devil Wears Prada

Yesterday I watched this movie again and I have to say that Meryl Streep deserved so much her 14th Oscar nomination for her performance as Miranda Priestly since is truly believable!!

When I first watched this movie I was so taken by it because it remind me of a similar boss I used to know… me! Yes, I imagine (or maybe I know) that some of my colleagues, employees and clients believed I was a Miranda copycat. I was so taken that I read the book to find what was all this about.

To tell the truth I liked the movie better than the book and it was because Meryl Streep performance, she is this movie and without her would not have been the same. So, actually I was taken more by an interpretation than by the actual fact of having (or being) a boss from hell! No surprise here, am I in denial? Well, is too late to make amends, but I am so passionate about things and I just loved my work…Hmmm!

Even if this story is a metaphor for any boss, being fashion attracted could help you to enjoy the story a little bit more than for only watching Meryl performance and since most of us contemporary women are fashion involved –my weakness are purses… Louis Vuitton purses- I can tell you that most of us will enjoy it, especially when the story finally starts to develop. That’s when Andy (Anne Hathaway) gets her make over, before that moment is quite slow and even a little boring.

But what I like the most is the end of the movie. According to me the message is: if you are lucky enough to have a boss from hell, be sure that you will learn more than you ever imagined or expected. If you do not agree with me, just ask some of my former colleagues, employees and clients!!! They had a hard time but most are still thanking me!

If you decide to watch this movie again or for the first time, maybe you can think about me, as you will be seeing one dark (or bright) side of my personality!


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