Saturday, March 31, 2007

Chapter 27

I like the Beatles, as they are a very important part of my growing-up. Never was a John Lennon fan, I was a Paul McCartney fan and liked his songs. But that was way back then in the 60’s. Since then they are a happy memory.

Watched this movie with no expectations, just curious to see what they did about an event that happened 20 years after my Beatles adoration. Yes, I still remember that December 1980 day and I was shocked… but it’s a vague memory. As a comparison, I still remember Diana’s death and The Queen impacted me a lot as a movie, the magnificent Helen Mirren performance and even brought back my memories of that day and I recalled being glued to the TV for days!

I was not aware of the negative buzz this movie has, there’s even a site to boycott the movie… Hmmm! I was just going to read the usual review sites and found so much noise that I do not really understand all the fuzz. Why? Because the movie is really, truly bad. Extremely boring and has nothing of interest.

I think is bad because the screenplay is lousy, there is nothing in it. Jared Leto plays David Chapman and he gives an acceptable performance but not good enough to save the movie. He had a huge transformation as he gained 67 pounds for this role and this is the only thing that is really outstanding in this movie, how big Leto is.

Obviously all the noise and buzz will stimulate people to watch this movie and honestly, is not worth it. So, do not bother to watch this very boring movie that could have been interesting if the screenplay worked on the killer’s physique and motivations more deeply instead of telling a descriptive recount of the days before the shooting.

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