Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Casino Royale

Hi! Been a little busy, but still have time to watch some movies, especially because I got some new dvd’s.

One of the best James Bond movies!! Why? Because there is a little bit of everything for everybody. Like romance? In this movie James falls in love. Like action? Lots of action. Like thrills? The best chase scene ever and is not with cars! Like poker? Nice exciting game play by Le Chiffre and James. Like smart women? There is Vesper.

My suggestion: go and buy the DVD or rent it. The movie and the extras are great!! Bond Girls are Forever is a nostalgic short with the Bond girls from the 60’s, 70’s, 80.’s, 90’s and 00’s. They also explain why Bond girls are girls and not Bond women and somehow it makes sense!

Also if you want to learn some trivia the short Becoming Bond James Bond for Real gives some interesting data about Casino Royale, which is the first Ian Fleming novel. Something I was not aware is that the first ever Bond is a 1954 TV movie called Casino Royale with Peter Lorre and Barry Nelson as Jimmy!

I still remember when I saw my first James Bond movie at a theater downtown in the city where I grew up. It was Dr. No. I have to admit that I have never read any Ian Fleming Bond novels. So, James Bond is Sean Connery for me. Somehow I liked Roger Moore Bond, but after watching the Bond girls short, I realize how times have changed and how I have changed. Today I could hate Moore’s Bond!! Pierce Brosnan was an OK Bond. The others were awful according to me.

Daniel Craig’s Bond is “Ugly Cute”… just like Sean Connery was then, when he was young. Craig makes Bond very alive and well, even if there is no cold war anymore.

Since this movie tells the story of Bond’s first mission somehow explains why did he become the 007 we know; and because is made 44 years after his first big screen appearance, helps to understand why he became the Bond we have always seen. Nevertheless is a very modern Bond that sets a new standard for future Bond movies.

One last comment, Sebastien Foucan plays Mollaka, the man that is escaping from Bond in that adrenaline fuelled chase. He is one of the founders of Parktour (also known as Free-running), the extreme sport that is so popular especially in France, so must of what you see him doing is for real, no wire nor special effects.

Enjoy this true entertaining movie!

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