Tuesday, March 06, 2007


It took me a long time but finally I watched Cars. Somehow I did not wanted to watch it because I imagined it was a truly American story … and I was absolutely correct! But then, to be totally honest, I have to admit that I like it! I even dropped a tear at the right moment reacting like a fool to the predictable emotional moment!

Not being a fan of children animated movies (or any other animated movies!) I really liked Happy Feet because it was so happy! The music, the characters, the setting, the animation, everything was just “so nice” (except for some religion related parts of the story) that I should understand by now that not all animated movies are unappealing to adults. Gee, I do not even like Anime… but then, I should start to watch more animation to be able to really dislike it or start to appreciate it more.

Well, Cars is a fun to watch movie and if you are doubtful as I was, go watch it, you will not be disappointed. After all, it won a Golden Globe for best-animated movie; it had two Oscar’s nominations (yes, Happy Feet won the Oscar, as I predicted), won other awards and had many nominations in several other awards.

The story is about an arrogant character that has no need for team playing and has no friends. Then in the predictable and expected way the character lives a life-changing lesson and everyone is happy, including me!

Has a great voice cast with Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt, Cheech Marin, Tony Shalhoub, George Carlin, Michael Keaton, Billy Crystal, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Dave Foley, John Goodman and many more. I did not recognize their voices as I was so taken by the story and animation that who was doing what became irrelevant. But they deserve recognition for a great well-done job.

Pixar has done it again and I will be looking forward to what they do when the Disney relation ends and they become independent. Hmm, bet you their stories will become more edgy.

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