Sunday, February 25, 2007


Why am I crazy about movies…

Yes, someone asked me that question. Wanted to know why someone could go crazy for something that is supposed to be superfluous and somehow irrelevant for your life… or something like that.

The obvious answers relate to entertains me, for moments takes me away from my everyday life, enjoy a good laugh, enjoy a good cry and even a true smile, kills time, distract me when bored, like to see what I think/believe are good looking actors/actress, enjoy good stories, storytellers and filmmakers, and many more obvious reasons.

But, the most not obvious reason is: most films make me THINK!

One of the most difficult challenges I found during my professional career was to teach people to think. Well, according to others I know how to think. I did not even know how I learned to think! So how could I teach others to think? And by this I do not mean thinking before doing something, which so many people need to learn this. Is more about analyzing and synthesizing; about splitting and putting things back together again in your brain. More tangible, it is about acquiring a discipline to provide results and not just another idea. Well, just let me tell you that eventually I was able to teach quite a few people to think … which was very rewarding to me and of course, to my different then bosses and superiors!!!

So, what this has to do with the infamous above question?

One of the issues I identify in the learning process to stimulate people to think is that you, as a teacher, have to know what the person likes and dislikes. Then focus on the likes, to find what they “really” like or if you wish, are truly (not blinded) passionate about it. You will find that those things people truly like, facilitate them to really think. The thinking process is spontaneously inherent in there and when you uncover it to them and they rationalize it, then they can apply it to other things they do not like, care less or are not interested at all.

Get the idea now? Got the answer?

No, okay, lets go to plain English. I discovered how I learned to think through my liking of movies!!! Learning to think is a process, so I continue to stimulate my learning process by watching and watching more movies!! So, after all, it is not that crazy to be crazy about movies, isn’t? Books work for me too, but nothing else works like movies for me.

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