Sunday, February 04, 2007


What a surprise. I usually do not like to read much about movies I have not seen – I read after saw them. So, sometimes I get pleasant surprises. Venus was one very pleasant surprise.

Yes, Peter O’toole deserves recognition for this role. He is incredible as an actor and not because his advanced age, but because his fantastic abilities.

This is a very British movie and even if you are not familiar with all the symbols they show, it is still very entertaining and you can follow the story with no mayor pitfalls.

The story is about old age, old habits and your good old self. The glory of life, recognition and experiences that you still want to have when you know your life is coming to an end. But, how lucky can you be to smooth the ride and still enjoy yourself for the very last minute of your precious (and lonely) travels through life??

I read that in London at some showings, people left the theater at the beginning of the movie. I can understand their reasons because, if you tend to be conservative, the beginning of this movie seems like the story of a dirty old man. But stay, go on watching and soon you will discover more … so, much more. Nevertheless, it is not an easy watching story and this speaks of the grandness of precisely the story.

In our society old age seems to be when you “have” to stop being yourself. Where you flip a switch and become someone else … just because you are old. So, all the trouble you had to become yourself it was worthless because when you are old you cannot behave accordingly. This especially applies if you are the type of person that is not socially accepted or politically correct. Maurice (O’toole) was one of these types.

I am not young, but I am not old and I am one of those not likeable types. Wish me luck and hope that when I reach that old age I could still be experiencing my life as much as Maurice did.

Music stopped being part of my life for a long time ago; but I noticed the music in this movie. Incredible singer! Her name is Corinne Bailey Rae. She has great success in UK. A newcomer with her first cd released just last year. The movie has several songs from that cd. This cd is to relax and just listen.


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